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Sencha Leaf - Ceremonial

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This is a premium tea!

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Exceptional quality Japanese Sencha. This sencha is the first tea leaf to be picked during the harvest season of each year (in May), and the tea leaf is soft and rich in theanine, which is an umami ingredient.

Japanese tea is a non-fermented tea that does not undergo oxidative fermentation. Immediately after picking the tea leaves, heat them with steam to stop the oxidation. Unlike black tea and Chinese tea, which enjoy the aroma of oxidative fermentation, Japanese tea extracts and enjoys healthy ingredients without oxidation. Therefore, the scent is generally lighter.

The efficiency of extracting the ingredients of Japanese tea varies depending on the temperature. Theanine, a typical ingredient of high-grade tea, is efficiently extracted at low temperatures. Therefore, for this product, we recommend extraction in cold soft water.

Feature of Origin
There are two reasons why Mino Shirakawa tea is of the highest quality. It is the highest tea plantation in Japan, and next, fog is generated. Other tea producing areas are from 50m to 400m above sea level. Mino Shirakawa tea, at an altitude of 800 m, is close to the altitude limit at which tea can be cultivated. Due to the high altitude, the temperature difference during the day becomes large, and at night, amino acids are not used for growth and are accumulated in tea leaves. This amino acid is theanine, which is the umami ingredients of tea leaves, and is the only nutrient that regulates autonomic nerves and strengthens autoimmunity.
Steep temperature: 85°C/185°F
Steep time: 2-4 min.
Origin: Japan
Contains caffeine
Great for Iced tea!
Green tea
Focus, Weight loss, Energy
One of the more popular types of tea, green tea, made with steamed tea leaves, offers many health benefits such as interfering with the growth of breast, bladder, stomach, lung and colon cancers. Green tea also helps prevent the clogging of arteries, reduces the risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimers, helps burn fat, and reduces the risk of stroke.
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Liyah C.
I am now enjoying my first cup of Sencha Loose Leaf Gre

I am now enjoying my first cup of Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea this morning. At last I found you! I have been looking for this flavor for a long time. I am half Japanese, living in America, and my relatives in Japan sent my mother some green tea which she shared with me. It was delicious with a faint sweetness and nice and mellow without the strong bitterness found in most green teas.

Annabelle P.
After returning to the States and having worked for yea

After returning to the States and having worked for years in Japan I still crave the "every day" Japanese sencha that we would drink at the office. This tea, to me, is a sampling of what most Japanese people drink every day as their "go-to" green tea.