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⛄️ Holiday Bundle Specials for $29/$39 ⛄️
⛄️ Holiday Bundle Specials ⛄️

Flavored Tea Holiday Bundle

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SKU 188, 194, 207

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Our "Holiday Bundle Specials" are a great gift idea for a tea lover or a perfect treat for yourself this holiday season! The Holiday Bundle Special  will be featuring 3 incredible flavored teas each 4oz pouches (a total of 12oz). A careful selection so you can experience a full exception variety for each collections!

The Flavored Tea Holiday Bundle include:
  • Hami Melon, Lime and White Tea - 4oz
  • Kumquat Rose Fruit Tea - 4oz
  • Champs Elysees - 4oz

A total weight of 12 oz of exception flavored teas!

Tea Descriptions

Hami Melon, Lime and White Tea SKU 188:
Fresh, light tea blend with oven-dried melon, lime and white tea. The ingredients are hami melon, hawthorn berries, green lime, lemongrass and kumquat!

Kumquat Rose Fruit Tea SKU 194:
A delicious and fruity aromatic tea. This tea blend is made of roselle, kumquat, pineapple and orange. 

Champs Elysees SKU 207:
Exclusive tea blend made oven-dried fruits - the ingredients are roselle, grape, apple, hawthorn berries, pineapple, orange peel and mint leaves!