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Dongding Oolong Tea

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The high quality of a Dong Ding Oolong tea can be recognized by its dark color, the evenly large globules, and the surface that shimmers in the light. The light roast brings the intense aromas into balance. 

The tea originally hails from Dong Ding mountain in central Taiwan. More specifically, it is from Lugu, in Nantou county. This tea gets its name from the mountain it hails from, Dong Ding Shan (Dong Ding mountain). Dong Ding translates to ‘frozen summit’ or ‘icy peak’.

Steep temperature: 90°C/195°F
Steep time: 4-5 min.
Origin: China
Contains caffeine
Oolong tea
["Speciality", "Focus", "Energy", "Well-being"]