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🍵 Happy New Year - 15% Off All Orders Over $40 🍵
🍵 15% Off All Orders Over $40 🍵

Our primary focuses are The highest quality tea, Sustainability, and No waste. 

Since our launch, we’ve kept these principles a high priority in the product development and operations process to stand out from our competitors. These areas of focus are significant to each founding member, so we keep on delivering the highest quality of tea to you!

The highest quality tea: 

At My Ritual Tea, we only work with tea producers and suppliers that believe in the same quality values as us. 

Most of our teas come from smaller suppliers that believe in small batch production of their teas to ensure the highest natural product quality. 

This is a reflection of why our tea is a satisfying and consistent brew every single time. 

We have personally tried every single tea in our collection and have selected only the best ones to offer you.


Our teas are shipped to you using 0 unnecessary waste. Your tea is packed by us directly in a food-grade, fully biodegradable bag. This bag will take about six months to degrade in a compost environment fully. 

When shipping our teas to you, we only use degradable and easily compostable materials such as cardboard and corrugated paper. 

Reuse the box for your next shipment or simply recycle as part of your eco-friendly routine.

You won’t find any unsustainable materials as part of our operations. 

No waste:

All our teas are carefully packed after an order has been placed. This means that we don’t end up with product waste or unsold packs of tea after a particular season. 

Most tea brands will have their teas packed by the supplier before importing them into their store/fulfillment center. This usually results in a large amount of unnecessary packaging and waste. 

We import our teas from all over the world in large bags and then pack them in our biodegradable bags; this process maintains a zero waste environment during our fulfillment process. We’re making conscious decisions every time, keeping in mind our planet and excellent customers!