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🍵 Happy New Year - 15% Off All Orders Over $40 🍵
🍵 15% Off All Orders Over $40 🍵


Tea is an experience. From the first whiff of its aroma that hits your nose, tea can bring back a fond memory or even whisk you away to another world with just a sip. There is a profound power to the tea-drinking experience, and it is My Ritual Tea’s passion and purpose to share the magic of tea with you.
Our mission at My Ritual Tea is to provide every customer with the highest quality loose leaf teas and share our passion for all things tea. Whether you know your favourite kind of tea, or you’re new to tea, we have a My Ritual Tea handpicked just for you.


Every kind of tea we sell consists of only the highest quality loose leaf teas chosen with the greatest care. My Ritual Tea focuses on delivering every customer the most relaxing, aromatic experience with every cup of our product that you drink. From high-quality oolong, green, black, jasmine, white, herbal, flavored teas, matcha, and more. We handpick every product to ensure the highest quality, flavor profile, and that it holds up to the My Ritual Tea standards of excellence. We want to help you discover your new favorite tea while delivering you a product that you can count on to provide the most flavor, aromas, and unique experience you deserve.
Discover your perfect tea profile today and be whisked away with My Ritual Tea.