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Fresh Mango Iced Tea - My Ritual Tea

Fresh Mango Iced Tea

Ingredients ▢34 fluid ounces Water ▢1 ½ Tablespoon Tea leaves ▢ice cubes ▢Sugar to taste ▢6-8 Tablespoons Mango Pulp ▢⅛ Cup Lemon Juice or Lime Juice US Customary - Metric Instructions Place a Pot on the heat, add the water and the tea leaves. Mix the water with the tea leaves and bring to a boil. Then take the hot tea from heat, let steep and cool down completely. In a Jug or container to mix the iced tea, add the ice cubes. Strain the tea so that the clear tea pours over the ice cubes. Add sugar to your liking. If your mango pulp is having strings then strain the pulp with a strainer so that the clean pulp falls into a mixing bowl. Now, add the mango pulp with the lime/lemon juice to the iced tea. Stir and mix very well until all the ingredients are completely dissolved. Serve very chilled, add more ice cubes if needed.
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